Rethinking recommerce

Personal yet competitive

Pre-owned phone supplier

Providing our customers with used phones is not the only thing we do. In fact, we help our customers to obtain their goals by providing personal support and services.

Probably the worst thing to happen

Running out of stock: it happens to the best...

In our organization, we actively try to support your stock managment, so you will never run out of certain models anymore. Being able to supply anyone at any given time will give you the ability to save on compensations, but it also has a good influence on your brand name.

Decrease of compensations

Delivery time improvements

Brand name building

Disease of recommerce

Businesses in recommerce often have to cope with enormous amounts of returns, but this is no longer necessary with our quality!

In our opinion, a company should only sell phones which are in a good shape, physically as well as technically. Due to this belief, we sell good quality phones only, causing you to have less returns. Indirect, this means less headache!

Pre-owned devices with original parts

30 point quality inspection

Don't miss this chance

Increase sales and revenue by delivering the best quality.

In the end, a company aims to develop a long term relationship with their customers. In order to do this, it is crucial to have good quality. In addition, good quality will also result in lower costs for returns, but it will attract new customers by word of mouth advertisment as well!

Decrease of return expenses

Positive brand awareness

Be professional