A partner of Recycleur can benefit from the services below, but that's not all. Initiatives are always welcome and we are excited to implement them for you!

  • Personal service

    Profit from legendary support, before as well as after the sale, and notice how we help you to run your business beautifully smooth. In our opinion, your business is as important as ours!

  • Principles

    In the end, trust and honesty are one of the most important values when doing business. In short, this means that we keep our word and sell well-graded phones only.

  • Product selection

    In our organization, we like to help our partners by selecting products on their own product conditions and testing criteria, so you can sell them right away!

  • Product photography

    Products come in different conditions and customers often don't know what to expect. In order to help you with this, we can offer free professional product photos of every single phone we sell!

  • Purchasing support

    Increase your profit by our purchasing support, which secures that you no longer run out of certain models!

  • Passion

    Due our highly motivated employees we can offer all our products with a lot of love and care. Beside that we can guarantee that all products are tested on 30 points and thoroughly cleaned before they are sold.

Product selection

Pre-owned products can be bought in different conditions. In order to ensure that we do not let you down, we select our products according to your own testing criteria and product conditions.

Physical condition

In recommerce, companies often have to buy their stock according to the wholesaler's grading. In the end, it turns out that not all devices fit in your own product conditions, causing you to have a financial setback. At Recycleur, you will never experience this, as we select the phones on your own product conditions!


According to us, a device should always perform perfectly. In order to ensure this, our devices get an individual and comprehensive quality check. Indeed, our partners decide on which criteria the phones should be tested. In the end, this results in less returns and more satisfied customers!